Welcome to Sun Share Energy LLP, your go-to for sustainable solar solutions. Empower your future with cleaner, greener energy. 


Residential Solar Solutions

Ditch expensive bills and embrace a brighter future with your personal mini-sun! Harness the sun's energy on your roof, turning sunlight into free, clean power for your home. It's like

Commercial Solar Solutions

Commercial solar isn't just for tech giants and eco-warriors. It's a savvy, sustainable choice for any business aiming to save money, enhance its brand, and be a responsible global player.
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Why Sun Share Energy Services?

At Sun Share Energy Services, we believe in transforming the way the world harnesses energy. Here are the 4 reasons of why choosing us for your solar needs is a game-changer:

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    Our Creative Team

    ZingBox leadership team provides the vision that has propelled us from a small solar company to a
    worldwide diversified leader in a remarkably short period of time.

    Doris Jordan

    Design Expert

    Johnny Ramirez

    Design Expert

    Diana Wagner

    Design Expert

    Harry Garrett

    Design Expert

    our work process

    Discover the seamless journey of bringing solar energy solutions to life through our meticulous work process

    01 Project Planing

    Kickstart your transition to renewable energy. Our expert team begins by understanding your unique energy needs, conducting a thorough assessment of your location, and engaging in discussions about your sustainability goals. Tailoring solutions to your specific requirements, we craft a solar solution that considers factors like system size and layout for optimal efficiency.

    02 Research & Analysis

    Our solar commitment encompasses detailed research and analysis, ensuring top-notch quality. Prior to handover, we conduct thorough checks, guaranteeing reliability. Post-installation, our monitoring and maintenance services keep your system efficient. Client education is key, for optimal operation. Ongoing support ensures your satisfaction long after installation.

    03 Contract & Install

    This is where the magic happens! Our skilled team takes charge, handling the entire process from panel placement to component connection, ensuring a seamless setup for you to enjoy clean, renewable energy hassle-free. This approach with project planning, research and analysis, and installation, is aimed at bringing your solar vision to life and providing a satisfying and sustainable energy solution. 

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      What our clients say

      At Solar Energy Services, our success is measured by the satisfaction of our clients. Here's a glimpse into the experiences and voices that resonate with the quality and excellence we strive to deliver

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